Monday, February 7, 2011

Toad Braking Systems

If you are going to have a toad, you should have a braking system. Yes, it costs a nice chunk of money, but it’s required in most states and should be required in your own mind.

There are three types of braking systems.

The type some call Brake-In-A-Box have to be setup each time you tow and removed every time you drive the toad. Roadmaster makes the Brake Buddy which is an example of this system. Their movability allows to you have more than one vehicle you can tow while not running up the cost of the braking system.

Another type requires no more setup than connecting a wire. The price of this type is about the same as the “brake in box” style, PLUS installation which can double the cost unless you do it yourself. Besides being easy to setup, the brake system is never in the way. They mount under the hood and the piston that moves the brake pedal is completely out of the way. The products of SMI and US Gear are examples of the second type.

The third type is a mechanical surge brake, no wiring or calibration is required. The ReadyBrake™ Surge Braking System is available separate or combined with the ReadyBrute™ RV Tow bars The ReadyBrake™ is a RV surge braking system designed to apply the cars braking system when you stop in your RV. Its features allow it to mechanically apply the towed vehicles brakes in a smooth and proportional manner without complicated setup procedures.

Don Malpas, Mary Tribbett