Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pests & Vermin Prevention


Ants can be the bane of the RV'er. Over the years, folks have tried many things to prevent them from entering the RV. Here are some of the suggestions:

- Comet sprinkled around any place the trailer touches the ground, including cables, hoses, tires, jacks, etc.

- Sprinkle Spectracide's Triazicide in about a 2' diameter circle on the four spots where the tires rest and on the ground where the power cable touches. Refresh it about every month in spring and summer.

- Boric acid kills lots of insects including ants, palmetto bugs, silver fish, etc. It's safe around humans and pets. Cheap too, Home Depot has it under the Hot Shot brand.

- Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is very effective, drys out their moisture, clogs up the breathing pores and bugs chinks in their hard shell body armor...bringing them to a grinding halt. Safe enough that farmers and human doctors administer it by mouth to kill and eliminate internal parasites. Rub on dogs and cats for elimination of fleas, ticks, etc.

- For the power cord you can smear some vaseline on it

- Twenty Mule Team Borax, kills all kinds of ants etc.

- Borax - mixed with a little bit of brown sugar.

Mud Daubers

To prevent mud daubers from getting into your refrigerator compartment, you can fasten a square (12"X12"?) of ordinary window screen to the back side (inside) of the fridge vent panel using RTV or some sort of sealant. You also might try a pet flea collar inside the compartment.


Some folks place laundry dryer anti-static sheets in the engine compartment to keep mice at bay. Try not to park on a grass surface.

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