Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Decals, Stripes and Lettering

Stripes & Decals

At some point you may have a need or the desire to remove the decals and/or striping on your Lazy Daze. Here are a couple of tips that might help:

- If you run into some tape sections with brittle tape that you can't remove, try the body shop type of rubber eraser wheel chucked in a hand drill. It worked well, does not appear to mar paint at all. For cases where you can pull the tape off by hand, it also removes the glue that remains; much easier than using a solvent (mineral spirits).

Looks like it might take about 3 rubber wheels to get done. It is still a lot of labor.

- 3M part NO. 08907 has been recommended for easy removal of stripes.


Interested in making up some new lettering and want to match the LD font?

- You can get a close approximation if you start with Arial Rounded MT Bold, and color it #AF8920 (R175/G137/B32). Oblique the type 17.5° to the right using Photoshop's Edit > Transform > Skew tool. Then use Layer Effects to add a black outer stroke, and an inner bevel (use the 'Cove Deep' bevel contour) that's lit from 150°. That'll get you close--probably close enough for a casual inspection--but the bevel contour won't be a perfect match.

Contributors: Terry S., Dale Collins, Andy Baird

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