Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dinette in 30' LD's

The dinette in the 30' is a little different from the other models and does not make into a bed. It appears that LD purposely made the dinette shorter to allow for the driver's seat to be positioned to it's rearmost extension. However, as with most things, it can be modified.

The total (maximum) length, from head to foot, of the dinette is 71.5 inches, just short of six feet, without the back cushions. That dimension would seem to accommodate a shorter person, say 5'5". However even with the dinette expanded out it would not be adequately wide enough for two. And, because LD does not provide a shelf to support the span between the seat bottoms, one would have to be fabricated for that purpose.

- You can make a platform with fold down legs to put between the bench seats. The cushions then spread out on the platform and bench seats to make a bed. The table top folds up and is clamped to the window valence and the screw that holds the leg firm is removed and the leg folded down. You can also make an extension for the platform so it could be used when the dinette is pulled out. It snugs up to the pullout sofa and makes one huge bed.

- Another problem that may arise is that the dinette table may pull loose from the wall. One suggested fix for that is to remove the hinges and fasten the table to the wall with a piece of aluminum right angle stock to make it solid and immovable. You might also consider using a full length piano hinge which would allow you to fold the table to a vertical position.

Contributors: Chris Horst, Steve S.

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