Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Mid-Bath Toilet Problem

The placement of the toilet in the Lazy Daze mid-bath model requires some special care in its use to avoid serious clogging problems.

The Problem:

The toilet does not drop its contents straight into the tank. There is a 90 degree bend and then a "shelf" in the tank. (Crawl under the rig and look at the toilet end of the tank). For solid waste, if you don' t get enough water behind the contents, it will back up either in the bend or on the shelf.

The Solution:

- Fill the bowl about half full before depositing solids.

- You should also consider installing an in-tank flusher in the opposite end of the tan so it sprays towards the deposit end. With a transparent flusher elbow installed, you can see a TON of stuff comes out after the initial dump and the subsequent flush. It is particularly bad when you boondock or sit for extended times which allows a buildup with no agitation.

- It is also helpful to dispose of used TP in the trash rather than add to the bulk in the tank.

Contributors: Roger Nickey

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