Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reverse Cove Molding

There may be an intrepid few out there who are itching to tackle a major repair or renovation of their rig.  This article by Rick Flower details where to obtain and how to install the flexible molding that goes around the cabinets and wall corners.

The plastic material that covers seams between walls & cabinets or between ceiling panels is called either Reverse Cove Molding or Bead Welting (yes, there are other terms -- including gimp). The bead welting is the roundish stuff frequently used on vertical seams in the LD's (at least in my '85) -- unfortunately I've not figured out any rhyme or reason why one is used over the other..

In speaking via PM to an Airstream forum member about West & Barker (which I pointed out last fall -- carried both), he indicated that Vintage Trailer Supply now carries the stuff and is considerably cheaper than the aforementioned company. I've not compared prices with the Mothership but I figure more choice is better.

So, here are the links to the two items on the VTS site (where they can be found under "Home->Interior-
>More Interior Items" :

Reverse Cove Molding:

Round Welting:

By the way.. I asked for tips that this guy learned when installing this stuff and here's what he said :

"I used a staple gun to affix to the back of the cabinet. The only modification needed is to clip a v notch into the back of the material at the 90 degree corners so you can bend it around.

The staple gun would only set 1/4" staples. That didn't work very well. Not enough length to hold. Use longer, or use some longer carpet tacks. If the welting comes loose, fixing it later is a pain. Gotta pull the cabinet back out.

When you put the welting on, make certain that you push it tight to the face of the cabinet then staple. You need to make the "tail" of the welting bend down so it's at a 90 degree to the flap. "

Contributor: Rick Flower

13 Jun 2012