Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bath Door Latch

Trouble with your Mid-Bath bathroom door latch? Yes, there is a replacement latch available. The product is supplied by J R Products, Clarence NY, phone number 1-800-269-7622, part # 20505. Here is the link:
These products have a life time warranty, and Dean Ansley says the company stands by that warranty. After buying two replacements at the Mothership, he contacted J R Products and had a free replacement sent. He had only to send back the broken one. It broke a second time and again J R Products sent a new free replacement. Nice to find a company that really does stand by its products. 
If you're a bit of a handy-man, perhaps you can do as Don Malpas has: replace the weak catch, the part on the wall, with an aluminum one he fabricated. Don has also wondered if the style of catch used for the under sink door would work on the bath door?
Revised: 22 May 2014
Contributors: Dean Ansley, Alex R, Don Malpas