Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two PVC Creations

First, a gadget to wash out the tanks. It uses 3/4 inch hose threads on each end. One connects to the hose, the second to the backfill male connection on the dump valve cap. [Lasco 15-1623]  The 90 degree 3/4 valve allows you to turn the water on/off without having to go to the hose bib. Convenient to prevent overflowing the tanks. [The black tank will vent through the roof, if the toilet bowl is closed. The gray tank will fill the shower basin. No need to ask how I know this] The valve is a 1/2" Slip available at big box stores everywhere. The valve is a 3/4" slip available at big box stores everywhere.


The second PVC creation is for filling the fresh water tank. This also uses 3/4 hose thread but steps down to 1/2, as a 3/4 pipe will not fit in the tank filler. [Lasco 15-1621] The valve is a 1/2" slip available at big box stores everywhere.


I had to order the PVC fittings from Amazon as the local big box stores did not have them in stock

BTW, I clean our hoses once a twice a year by pouring solution of Clorox through the hose. I always store the hoses with the ends connected to prevent any bugs from entering.