Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fogged Windows Repair at RV Glass Solutions

Review of the Phoenix location of RV Glass Solutions. Their main location is in Coburg, OR. 

We are having those three windows repaired. They also offer replacement with either insulated glass or laminated glass. We looked at a sample of the laminated glass and don't think it is as dark as the glass used by LD. They claim that the laminated glass would add about 5 pounds of weight per glass piece. However, only the Coburg location cuts new glass.

Cost to repair is $325 per window. The work is guaranteed for 2 years.

The facility looks good and they have a secure lot with three 50 amp hookups. We arrived last night.

They have just removed the first window in the living room and it was not installed with butyl tape but used double adhesive foam tape and then a bead of caulk around the outside edge. Based on my contact with various repair shops double sticky foam tape appears to be the standard. You can see an installation here.

No sign of water intrusion on the first one, at least.

It took all day to finish the job with two working on it. They used a black polyurethane sealant/adhesive completely around the circumference after installation. The windows look great and as an added bonus they are incredibly easy to open and close now. I can only assume that was from a cleaning of the interior of the frame.

Total cost was $975 so no additional charges for materials.

Now only time will tell how long the re-sealing will hold up.

Four months later we have been through plenty of rain with no sign of leaks. There was no damage to frames and we were happy with our experience.

Jim Cummings - 2016