Saturday, December 9, 2017

TV On While Driving

There may be times when passengers want to watch TV or use the CD player while the Lazy Daze is being driven. For driver safety reasons, some Lazy Dazes are pre-wired so as to prevent the TV or any device run through it from operating while the ignition is on. The following information tells you how to bypass the ignition for passenger viewing. This appears to be an issue with the 31' model only, probably due to placement of the TV in the cabover above the driver.

Chris Horst: In our 2002 30' with entertainment unit, I was told to disconnect the TV lockout in 2 different places: look for a blue wire directly behind the TV on the driver's side rear corner of the cabinet and/or a blue wire connected to the the yellow/black striped wire in the Ford radio harness accessible by removing the radio.  The blue wire receives power only with the ignition switch in run or accessory.

Jim Cummings: In our 2006 30', the solution was a 5-minute fix. In our case, the black Bosch relay box is behind the panel that has the inverter switch, TV amplifier switch, and amplifier plate. The wire was blue with a spade connector. He unplugged that and taped off the spade connector and it works now with the engine on. I am attaching a copy of the photo that Chris took of his wiring. The relay is at the back bottom left. The photo below shows the set-up when the 20" Sony TV was standard and is in a '02 30'. In all newer models, look for the disconnect in the area of the TV amplifier switch and plate. 

Understand that driving with the TV on may be illegal, so make this modification at your own risk. 

Chris H, Jim C