What’s This All About?

Welcome to the reference site for LAZY DAZE (LD) Motor Homes. This site was created to consolidate answers to questions frequently asked about LDs at the LifeWithALazyDazeRV (LWALDRV) forum.

The LWALDRV forum is the meeting place on the Internet for LD owners (LDers), and wannabe owners, to come together and discuss all types of things associated with buying, selling, owning, maintaining, modifying, living in, and traveling in their LDs. Naturally, that also includes LDers discussing a lot of associated topics like buying and/or making things that are needed, or just wanted, to add to the enjoyment of their LDs. It is a very active forum, with a large, and diverse, amount of information being posted there daily. That is the good news.

Often new forum members tend to ask the same questions that have been asked many of times before, and even LD owners who have been forum members for awhile, will ask questions about a topic that has also been discussed many times before, because they did not “catch” the previous discussion on the forum at the time it occurred or they can not locate the information in the message archives. This Lazy Daze Companion attempts to capture answers and comments to many of the items discussed on the forum. A major part of it is drawn from posts made on the forum, but it also includes information from other sources.

We see this as a work in progress with more information being added in an on-going manner. We encourage submissions from users, either on new topics or to supplement existing articles. Contributions can be made in the form of comments, which the Editors will review and incorporate into the main article, or they can be made via email to the editors at the addresses below. Each contributor will be credited in the articles.

Ted Houghton     or      Don Malpas

Contributions, comments, suggestions, corrections are always welcome to help us improve the usefulness of this resource.

Getting Started: Paging through this Blog is not the intended way to use it as the articles are in no order. We suggest that you get familiar with the topics that are covered in the Topic Index. [Look in the left margin of this page] Find what you need either Topic Index, the Alphabetical Index or search for articles using the Labels shown in the left margin.

Final Words: January 2014 - I think we have covered most topics. In fact, we have covered more topics that I ever intended. I saw the LD Owner's Guide as the controlling list of topics to be included here. It went beyond that. Perhaps for the good? I do know that the Labels (aka Topic Index) in the left margin is unwieldy. I apologize for that. Simplifying it would be equally unwieldy.

Ted did most of the work on this project. That's a fact. Bless him.

I am no longer able to get a question answered on the forum. My welcome there wore out years back. My style just does not mesh with those who know it all and have to nit pix everything I post. So that really put the brakes on development here. And so it goes. DHM

The lawyers wanted this: 

1) This site is not affiliated with Lazy Daze Inc.

2) This site is an assembly of comments from many people.  The people who have assembled these comments into this forum have not checked or verified these comments, and accept no responsibility therefor.  This site is intended solely to facilitate the finding of comments that have been previously posted elsewhere.  Users should read the content with a clear understanding that some of the comments contained herein may not be applicable to every situation with safety.  Users should exercise caution and judgment in using this resource.