Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cab Steps


The non-slip (black), stick-on surface on both cab doorways is worn out.


1. It can be replaced with a product from "AntiSlipTapeShop.com". It looks and feels identical to the original. Order the "Black Coarse Non Slip Tape Cut Pieces". One 42"x42" sheet was enough to do both running-boards and the coach entry step. $25.90 + shipping. It is easy to apply. Just peel and stick. Of course surface prep is key. You can use the wife's hair dryer and a scraper to remove the old surface tape. There will be a sticky residue remaining which must also be removed. Caution: It's easy to scrape the paint off if you're not careful, but that won't be noticeable under the new tape of course. It's rather tedious labor but worth it. Fresh, clean and functional.

2. You can also replace the non-skid mat with a coating of truck-bed liner, available at Wally World or auto parts stores for about ten dollars for a pint. Of course, you'll have to follow the removal process in the above paragraph first. This approach will look just as good and can be easily touched-up in the future if necessary. You could also use the same product to replace the non-skid patch on the rear bumper under the ladder.

Contributors: Unknown, Adam

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