Friday, January 14, 2011

Doghouse Console

Over the years, in reaction to comments from buyers, Lazy Daze has changed the center dog-house console. In the late 90's, they installed a a large plastic console with cup holders and lots of storage. But....folks complained that it took up too much space and made it difficult to get in and out of the seats. So in about 2002, the factory started installing a small LD-built that was nothing more than a small shelf with two cup holders. Yeap, you got it - folks complained about the lack of storage. One of those "You just can't win" situations.
So if you don't like yours, you'll have to get creative and see what you can find or make.
For models on the Ford chassis, you'll need to search for the proper year. Ford doghouses were one shape from 1992 -1996, another from 1997-2007 and presumably different again beginning with the 2008 models.
Try eBay and search on "van console"; you should get a number of matches. Prices run from $8 to $137, with most tending to be below $100.
Check with custom truck and van parts suppliers.
You might look at the "Beverage-Mate" consoles like they use in Chinooks, but the cup holders are not very flexible. They will hold a soda can, but won't hold most commuter mugs or drive-in soda cups.
If you're into DIY projects, you might add 2 or 3 shallow bin style shelves below the LD installed shelf, perhaps some plastic shelves to bolt or otherwise attach to the engine cover below the LD shelf.
John made his own organizer. Check under the photo section "Death Valley & More". He used part of a commercially available organizer for the top and made the base out of oak. This small unit has two adjustable drink holders, holds two CD's, pens/pencils, CB, compass, and has a small storage unit for maps, notes, etc.
Another solution is a fabric organizer that can be hung from the cup holder shelf.
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