Sunday, January 16, 2011


The drawers in a Lazy Daze can present a challenge to new owners - how the heck does one remove and/or replace a drawer? The answer - brute force (sorta):

Pull the drawer out as far as you can. Push it in three or four inches. Energetically pull it out again, allowing it to bounce off of the stop. You will note that it came out a bit further than it did before. Repeat until it comes out in your hands.

To reinsert the drawer, first make sure the ball bearing glider in the guide as you look into the drawer's hole is all the way to the front. Then carefully insert the runner on the bottom of the drawer into it and, while hoping for the best, push the drawer in. If you have managed to get the runner inserted properly in the ball bearing glider the drawer will go in but will want to stop before it is all the way in. Pull it out a bit and then push it in hard, reversing the process of how you took it out. (If you don't feel some resistance, the runner missed the glide. Try again.)

What you are doing is sliding the guide on the bottom of the drawer in the ball bearing glider in order to position it so it will act as a limit, preventing pulling the drawer out too far. This has to be done with a LITTLE force.

Problem: Drawer will not stay shut when traveling.

1. According to the LD manual, you must push the drawer inward and down with authority to lock it in a closed position. If it still will not stay closed....
2. Remove the drawer and check for bent drawer guide track. If not perfectly straight and flat, gently bend it back.
3. Remove the drawer adjust the drawer locking tab on the track that contains the ball bearing glide. The tab is about 1/8" tall and 3/4" back from the outside end on the track. Place a short 2:"-3" long flat blade screwdriver into the slot directly behind the tab. Gently bend the tab out towards you abd 1/16". This will create additional room for the drawer side tab to drop in behind it. Replace and the drawer and see if it locks. If it still won't stay locked, repeat the above procedure.

Caution: Bending the locking tab out more than 1/8" will allow the drawer track to "ride over" the tab, resulting in the drawer not properly locking.

Contributors: Linley Gumm, WxToad

Revised 8 Jul 11

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