Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interior Curtains

Looking to replace your original Lazy Daze curtains? Believe it or not, you can still get replacements from the woman who has been making the curtains for LD since 1976!

Her name is Vernie McQuillan at:

Creative Draperies
1718 Hillside Ave
Norco, CA 92860

951-735-2705  [That's Pacific time]

Vernie's history with Lazy Daze is quite interesting. After working in the data processing industry for over 22 years, she stopped working and took a sewing class in order to learn how to make her own clothes. While taking that class, her instructor was approached by the manufacturer of Mee Too travel trailers, seeking someone to make curtains for their trailers. When the sewing instructor asked the six members of the sewing class if they would be interested in making curtains, Vernie was the only one who raised her hand. That was in 1974. She did work for Davlin and a few other manufacturers and was eventually contacted by Ed Newton. She has been making curtains for Lazy Daze since 1976.
Vernie has files on all past models and will make replacements to the original specifications.

As a guide to replacement cost, complete curtain replacement for a 1986 LD FL would cost $375 + tax and Shipping (2005)

A set of cab curtains, the ones to pull across the windshield, are $210, including shipping. (2016)

Need a new set of the sliding hooks? Contact the factory - upon receiving your check, they'll send you however many you need.

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