Monday, January 17, 2011

Marinco Power Cord

All Lazy Daze coaches come with a separate detachable 30' 30-amp (10 gauge wire) power cord. It provides for a weather-proof connection to to the coach and can be easily stored in any of the exterior compartments.

Use & Care

Before hooking up to the shore power utility post:

Use a small plug-in circuit checker to verify the power from the box is suitable for use - correct polarity and proper voltage.

Turn the 30-amp breaker in the box to the OFF position.

Plug the power cord into the coach first, then the utility box before turning the breaker back on.

Before disconnecting from shore power:

When disconnecting, first turn off the breaker in the utility post box, unhook from the box and then disconnect from the coach.

Be sure the outlet cover on the side of the LD is securely snapped shut. Otherwise it is likely to blow up and down in the wind when driving and will eventually break loose.

Periodically check the cord for damage, such as cuts in the yellow jacket and any signs of heat damage at the plug ends, especially the shore end of the cord. Replace as necessary.

Considering the price of a cord (approx $80), it is not advisable to leave it at your campsite if you unhook and leave for a while.

Never drive over the cord.


- The little door that covers the connector on the side of the rig can be easily broken off. Be sure it is securely latched when you unhook so that it won't be flapping in the wind when you're driving. When opening it, pry it up gently. All that being said, if you do experience a failure of the cover, it will need to be replaced. It is not difficult to do; bed it in caulk. RV Parts Center has the door for $18.7l + S&H. The RVPC # is 19659 Manf. # is 60-10-002.Shop around and look for the best price. This will leave you with a white door which you can paint or leave as-is. Matching the paint isn't easy; see the LDC article on paint.

- The cord has frayed and/or pulled away from the plug at the pedestal end of the cord.

If the rest of the cord is in good shape, look to Lowes, HD or Amazon and buy a new plug. It is a NEMA L5-30P male plug - less than $20 on Amazon. It should not take more than 15 minutes to install it, taking care to retain the same polarity. Butter the plug's contacts and screws with dielectric grease.

WxToad, Darryl Price, Larry Wade

Revised: 2 Aug 11

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