Saturday, January 8, 2011

Microwave Oven

Reference sources

Microwave Display Repair - A great resource for parts and repair advice

Dometic Owner's Guide


Does not operate:

1. The circuit breaker on your 120V AC panel may have tripped. Reset and see if oven operates.

2. The internal fuse may be blown. Unplug the oven, take the cover off and change the fuse.

Squeaks when underway:

The squeak was finally found to be coming from the Dometic microwave. It came from inside the unit and was the 2" wire hanger that helps stabilize the magnetron. It was rubbing against the metal frame and would squeak when the unit got bumped. To see if you have the squeak problem, bang on the outside of the unit with the palm of your hand. Also, stand next to the unit while someone is walking around or they are driving.

The fix is pretty easy. The microwave is held in place by screws in front. Remove them and slide the unit out. Remove the microwave main cover screws and remove the cover. The magnetron is the metal box on the side and is clearly labeled. The hanger has a hook on top that goes into a hole on the metal microwave frame. It would squeak when the unit was bumped - like driving down the road. I wrapped some cloth tape around it to prevent metal-to-metal contact. No more squeak.

Contributors: Kurt, Michelle, Andy

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