Friday, January 21, 2011

Screen Rooms & Sun Shades

Screen Rooms

The awning installed by Lazy Daze is made in Italy by Fiamma. Fiamma also makes an enclosure they call "The Privacy Room", which completely encloses the area under the awning. There are a number of other manufacturers of screen rooms, but you have to keep in mind that the Fiamma is a bit smaller than the roll-up style awnings found on most motorhomes; the Fiamma extends 7' while most roll-up awnings extend 8' from the side of the RV.

Sun Shades

Sunpro RV Awning Drops are made of an 80%, 85% or 90% Solar/Sun Blocker Mesh Material that is ideal to add some privacy while blocking out the sun's UV Rays. They are designed to fit most awnings that have a Utility Groove. Many different sizes are available. They come with stakes and bungee cords for holding it down. Easy to slip the top into the little slot
along the awning.

Roger put together a homemade shade, a Home Depot roll of sunscreen about 6' X 30' in a selection of colors for around $35. (Garden Dept) Cut to length of awning and a length of rubber screen welting(?) glued in to a fold over at the top using a small hot glue gun. (Large glue gun is to hot and will melt the material) Then it threads in to your existing awning slot. You can put grommets in the bottem for a tie down or use the clamp on ones like I did and stake it out with bungees.

Here are links to two other companies which fabricate awning shades ("awning drops"), end screens, and other "shade" products:

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