Monday, February 14, 2011

Coffee and Conserving Water

I thought a bit of information on conserving water while drycamping might be useful here.

I know that everyone has their own favorite method for making coffee, but we've found what we believe to be the most water conscious method.

We start with a tea kettle full of water, which we heat to boiling every morning. We then make our coffee using a Melitta individual cup drip system. We like the #2 cones, used with the #4 filter. This way the filter goes all the way to the top of the cone and you won't get any grounds in your cup.

Another hint for storing these cones (which are odd shaped) is to attach a large hook in one of your overhead cabinets. In our 30TB, we have a cabinet with a half shelf which wastes a lot of space. We've utilized that space by putting our paper plate dispenser on the cabinet door (an idea we got from Jonna and Mimi). When we first started using the Melitta filters, they were always falling out of the cabinet, but now that we have these large hooks, the filters sit in a previously unused space.

Back to conserving water . . .

After we've made our coffee, we put the rest of the boiling water in a pump pot (we have found those with glass liners to keep water hot longer). This way, if, later in the day, we decide that we want more coffee, the water is already boiled and ready to use.

If, at the end of the day, we still have water in the pump pot, we use it to wash our dishes.

Instead of running water in the sink, we've found that those little tubs they give you when you check into the hospital just fit in the sinks. That way, our dishwater is contained, and if we're being really frugal, we can use it for the toilet. These tubs are readily available at most thrift stores or can be found at yard sales.

One other water saving tip. When you take a shower, lock down the shower drain (a tip we learned from Sarah). This not only soaks your feet so they're easier to clean, but also keeps you really aware of how much (or how little) water you're using.