Sunday, February 6, 2011

Towing and Toads

The Lazy Daze hitch is rated for 4,000 pounds and will actually handle a little more. How much more? Who knows? The hitch can beefed up so you can pull even more. The real limiting factor is what the Ford drive train is designed to handle. Exceeding what Ford intended will led to early transmission failure. This is the time to get your Ford and Lazy Daze manuals out and understand all those strange terms such GCW (Gross Combined Weight). If you do not know what your LD weighs on each wheel – now is the time. See Weighing Your Lazy Daze.

You can tow close to the 4,000 pound limit with little notice if you stay on Interstates, which are for the most part, are flat runs. It’s when you get on mountain roads where the good scenery lives that a heavy toad will slow you down to 40mph with the peddle all the way down.

Weight is of the least concern to those with a 22/23 foot LD, a little more so for the 26/27 floor plans and of real concern to those with 30/31 footers. This is true of all later model Fords as they are all on the same E450 chassis. Each bump in length leaves less for toad weight.

The Ford Owners Manual explains how much the engine should be degraded for each 1,000 feet of elevation. Due to the loss of power at elevation, there are no cases where you should tow any vehicle above 8,000. Fortunately, there are few places where paved roads are over 8,000 feet except for a few miles.
The most popular toads choices for Lazy Daze are the Honda CR-V, Jeeps and the Suzuki Grand Vitara. The Jeep is the only vehicle that has no towing restrictions.

Motorhome Magazine publishes annually a list of vehicles that can be towed. Take it to the bank.

This is good resource for towing and toads.

CAUTION: You should periodically check the bolts that mount your hitch. Refer to the "Strengthen Your Hitch" article for some added tips to ensure safe towing.

Revised 18 Mar 2011