Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Touching Up Cabinet Scratches

In the course of use, cabinets will get scratched. We have a 2007 with the lighter shade of wood. We think they called it Maple?

We have found that Miniwax Wood Finish in Golden Pecan is real close to the factory color. Just dab it on with soft cloth. May we suggest you test the color and technique on the back of drawer or bin door. If there are multiple scratches in one area, you may wish to use 00 steel wool to before staining.

On top of the stain, we seal it with a “varnish rub”, which is about equal parts of mineral spirits and polyurethane. we apply it with a soft cloth in three or more applications.

After four years of heavy use, I covered all the cabinets with one coat of “varnish rub”. It sure made a difference in appearance.