Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naming Your Lazy Daze

Lots of Lazy Daze owners have some fun coming up with names for their rigs, others don't bother. It's a choice entirely up to you.

When you pick up a new LD from the factory, it comes with a nameplate by the door, saying "This Lazy Daze built for the Smiths". Some folks have been able to subsitute their rig name for their own name, such as "This Lazy Daze built for the Good Tymes". Talk to the factory if you're interested.

A few folks go even further, having a custom decal prepared with their rig's name on it. Most put this decal on their tire cover on the rear, some put one on the front cab-overhead. Once source of such decals is StreetGlo Light Blaster reflective products at 757-855-0202. However, StreetGlo is rather pricey.

Another approach is to have your decal made at a local sign store that does trophies, engraving, signs, etc - check the Yellow Pages. They should be willing to help with the artwork, if necessary. An LD'er paid $30 for two.

Contributor: WxToad, Gene Ramos