Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cleaning the Refrigerator

Some things to remember when you clean your refrigerator.

You want to clean the set of metal fins that sit at the upper back. Below these fins is a short removable shelf, which has a tube/vent that leads to the outside. This is where the condensation runs out of the fridge. This shelf is removable, and right where the tube attaches to the back of the fridge, there's a small catch cup. Today, when I looked in this catch cup, ours was full of goop. How had I missed this all these years? I don't know, but I won't ever miss it again, and you should always check it when you clean the fridge.

Also, at least once a year, go outside and check where the fridge actually drains below the fridge. This opening has a small perforated cap and this can also get clogged with road grunge.

After cleaning both of these openings, blast a bit of canned air till the tube runs clear.

Kate's LD is a 2006. Our 2007 does not have a cap. The entire run of the drain is clear plastic.