Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dashboard 12V Power Outlets

Lazy Daze motorhomes built in the Ford chassis offer two power points (aka 12-volt outlets) on the dashboard. One is a traditional cigarette lighter while the other is a little heavier-duty and intended for powering things such as laptop computers or GPS systems. The thing to remember, however, is that both outlets are wired to the engine battery, not the house batteries. If you're parked somewhere for an extended period and consistently use one of those outlets, you may find yourself with a dead starting battery. Using them while the engine is running is not a problem at all.

There are a couple of possible solutions to this problem. The first would be to rewire the dash outlets into the house circuits, but that might well not be worth the effort involved in getting in behind the dash. Another approach is to add another outlet up front, mounted in/on the console.


One or both outlets do not work

Check the fuses. One of the power point fuses is described as "power plug" and the other is described as "Cigar Lighter/Data Link Connector (DLC)". The power plug one is 25A and the DLC one is 20A. Check your owner's manual for fuse locations and numbering. The fuse for one may be under the hood, while the other one is served by a fuse in the interior Ford fuse panel.

Contributors: Tom Johnston, WxToad, David G.

11 Jun 2011