Thursday, July 7, 2011

Re-install Toilet over New Flooring

Problem: You have installed new flooring in your LD and due to the new height of the floor, the toilet does not seat on the flange fitting.

Solution: Remount the toilet in the original position by doing the following:

- Remove the toilet trim piece.
- Place the toilet in position, directly in line with the flange.
- Mark the perimeter of the toilet base with a Sharpie and then remove the toilet.
- Accurately cut and remove the new sub-flooring from the inside of the marked circle, exposing the old floor. Use a chisel, router, Dremel, Zip-tool, whatever works for you to make the cut, just do not over cut the hole or it will be visible. Make sure not to cut too deep and damage the original floor.
- Remount the toilet in the original position.
- Cut the bottom off of the toilet trim piece, to make up for the height change, so it covers the edge of the cut floor.

Contributor: Larry Wade