Monday, January 9, 2012

Doghouse, AKA Interior Engine Cover

Removing the doghouse can be difficult due to its tight fit, mostly caused by the added carpeting LD's glues to its exterior.

There are four clamps, on the doghouse that need to be released. Next the two plastic lower plastic pieces, one on each side of the doghouse, need to be pulled off. A good tug should pop them loose. Look behind each trim piece to see the spring steel clips that fit into holes in the metal knee guards.

Now the doghouse is ready to be removed. Start by pulling hard on one side and then alternating to the other side, repeating as necessary. Some are so tight that it takes just about everything I can put into it to get them to budge. Alternate from side to side until it pops out.

If you encounter difficulty in removing the doghouse, check for some screws driven through the floor carpet into the floorpan just aft of the doghouse. According to Vince at the factory this is not a normal factory installation procedure. These screws may be hard to detect and not visible if one is not looking for any attachments in this area. Something you might check for if you are unable to get the rear end of the doghouse out from under the floor carpet.

Contributed by: Larry W., John

Revised: 10 Jan 12