Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Restoring Vinyl Wood-grain Molding

Would you like to spruce up the interior trim of your LD?

In a few spots in the interior (the vinyl wood grain molding at the corner of the closet near the entrance door, the molding closest to the latch of the bathroom door and the molding on the forward aisle side of each rear sofa) there are 2' to 3' sections of the wood grain pattern of the molding that has worn off from brushing against it over the years! The light brown base color of the molding now shows through!

The goal was to find a self stick woodgrain vinyl pattern that would match the color and woodgrain that is on the walls and moldings. By covering the worn moldings, the interior would essentially look "New" again!

A persistent search resulted in success at
The product is actually made in Germany and is great match to the interior! It is made out of a vinyl material that is self stick and easy to apply and trim with a razor.  Here is the full description:

DC-Fix Decorative Vinyl
Wild Oak Wood Grain
17 3/4"wide x 6'5" Long
#3460247-DCF $8.99 +$6 S/H

They have a good selection of wood grains that will probably match most LD interiors!

Contributor: Ed (TranQuility)
Posted: 20 Jun 2012