Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Service

If you're depending on AAA for emergency road service for your motorhome, you're taking a risk. Most AAA franchisees are not equipped to deal with anything bigger than an SUV. At best, they may not be able to help you... and at worst, they can damage your RV by trying to tow it with inadequate equipment and/or unqualified personnel. In addition, last time I checked, AAA's RV coverage was not valid in every state, or even every county. Check the fine print of your contract for weasel wording. ;-)

I strongly recommend against using AAA for RV road service. I've seen too many horror stories over the years. Coach-Net or Good Sam RV road service can be depended on to send a truck that can safely tow the largest RV. And with Coach-Net, their dispatchers are trained RV techs, so you're not just talking to some clueless minimum-wage operator. From my experience, I recommend Coach-Net.

Andy Baird