Thursday, January 13, 2011

12-Volt Appliances

Some folks like to avoid the necessity to use 120 volt AC power, and to be able to get along just fine when "off the grid" out in the boonies. Every RV'er has a different comfort level and some like to rough it more than others do. It's amazing how many 12-volt appliances are available; the question is - how many of them do you need, and how well do they work? Only you can decide .
The S. King Company sells a pretty good variety of 12-volt aplliances. Here are a few:
12 Volt Sandwich Maker RPDF168 Road Protm 12 volt DC Sandwich Maker
12 Volt DC Mobile Oven RPSC900 Road Protm 12 volt DC Mobile Oven
12 volt Blender MPSC-876C Road Protm 12 volt Blender
12 volt Hot Pot 5021 Road Pro 12 Volt Hot Pot
12 Volt Coffee Maker RPSC783 12 volt 4 cup Coffee Maker
12 Volt Microwave WBP-TP-660 (235 - 660) Watt WaveBox® Portable 12 Volt Microwave
12 volt Pot'N'Pop 1605 Travel-Mates® Pot'n'pop 12 volt appliance
12 volt Port-A-Fry 1610 Travel-Mates® Port-A-Fry 12 volt appliance
12 volt Travel-Toast 1615 Travel-Mates® Travel-Toast 12 Volt Toaster   From another source, a 12 volt Mattress Warmer

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Revised 14 Aug 2012

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