Thursday, January 13, 2011

Window Blinds

The window blinds installed by Lazy Daze are a single panel "night" shade; they are not the "day/night"shades found in many motorhomes. With the deeply tinted windows of the LD, "day" shades aren't needed. They slide up and down with internally-strung cords that keep them in whatever position you like - up, down or anywhere in between.
All is well until a cord frays or breaks.....something that is VERY likely to happen after a few years. So what to do?
Essentially you have two options - restring the blind yourself or pay someone else to do it. Only you can decide whether it's worth the time and effort to do it yourself.
If you're reluctant to tackle this project, places like The Blind Shop can do it for you. The quoted price recently in Florida was $40.
Another option for the faint-hearted is to return the blind to the manufacturer, Irving Door and Blind, who will restring it and return it to you via UPS for $20. Not a bad deal at all.

Irving Door & Blind
1000 Verdant Dr.
Elkart, IN 46516
(574) 522-1446

DIY Restringing
For those intrepid folks out there, roll up your sleeves. It seems like a forbidding job the first time you do it, but once you understand how the blinds are put together, it's really not a big deal. You can find a step-by-step photo-illustrated tutorial at WxToad's How to Re-String an RV Night Shade.

Here's a diagram that shows how the four separate cords are oriented in the LD night shade.
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