Friday, January 21, 2011

Floor Mats

Since Lazy Daze installs the coach carpeting all the way into the cab area, most owners are interested in installing something to protect the cab carpet. There are a number of different floor mats available, including some from Lazy Daze with the LD logo. However, it now appears the LD mats are no longer available. Here are some suggestions for floor mats:

- I have stopped using regular mats and now use the " mud and snow " variety from WeatherTech. They have deep grooves to catch the dirt, mud, snow ,water, etc that your feet drag in. I have used them in my last several vehicles. I feel they a superior to standard mats in preserving the carpet in the cab of my cars and truck.

- I purchased a one piece floor mat/runner that covers the entire front cab area, even over the wheel wells. The area in front of the console extends toward the rear and ends just at the rear edge of the front seat mounts. It has a cut out around the console area to accommodate the Ford console; our unit is a 2003 and on these LD removed the console, so there is a little of the LD carpeting showing. The mat is carpeted with a rubber backing; it also has grippers on the back to prevent shifting on the carpet. I ordered gray (color #78) to co-ordinate with the gray of the Ford trim in the cab and blend with the flooring of the kitchen area. We have blue carpeting in the LD, and the color of the mat over the carpet looks fine to us. The gray is dark enough to hide dirt, we hope! The one piece mat is designed for the normal front area of a Ford Van. So there is some area aroung the dog house area where the blue carpet still shows. It does lay fairly flat, but because of all the turns and bends, it is not perfect. But I am satisfied.

The mat was made by a company called Avery's Floor Mats, available from . I called Avery's, who referred me to Bills Custom Floor Mats. They did not show the one piece mat, but I called them (800.666.6287) and ordered for $60 with shipping to Ohio. They ordered it from Avery's and it was here within 5 days. They offer custom embroidery, so if you want it to say LD, or
your LD's name, it is available (for extra charge). Part # on the packing list was 1531-24, Ford Econonline 1 PC Frt Ford Club Wagon, color 78.

- You might consider "Husky liners" instead of floor mats because they're tough, very easy to clean, and keep all the dirt, water, dog hair, whatever, contained without anything leaking through and soiling the carpet. The liners are actually "trays"; they have raised lips on all edges but the outside one. You can order them from Performance Products. Cabela's will also order the liners, but you will have to give them the number; for whatever reason, it doesn't appear to be in their database. Joan Taylor has this to say: my Husky liners have been on the cab floor for over 7 1/2 years and show little wear. Their raised-lip construction is great for keeping water, mud, rocks, leaves, sand, dog hair, whatever, off the carpeting. The liners are easy to clean; just remove and hose them off. Here's the company website; drill down for the model and year, and select "E-350 Club Wagon". If you have doubts about the Husky Liners' fit, you might call the company and ask.

- You can order them through your local auto parts house or possibly Ford dealer. The order should be for either an E-450 Club Wagon or E-Series van (depending on year). You'll need to order by year of manufacture so that the maker knows what dog-house you have. The Club Wagon floor mats were only available until 2005

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