Friday, January 21, 2011

Gas Cap

With the price of gas as it is, some folks want to take steps to prevent theft of gasoline from their Lazy Daze. There are two sides to this issue, however. Although a locking gas cap may keep the casual thief out, a more determined one may take an approach that causes more serious damage to your rig. Thieves have been known to crawl under the RV and puncture the gas tank from below to drain it. Now you're left with the cost of replacing the tank.

Getting the proper cap for your vehicle

- You can buy a locking gas cap from your Ford dealer. They had it in stock as an FC-971, part # XU5Z-9030-FA (depending on the year of your LD). They ain't cheap. It has the tether and cover for the key slot, 2 keys.

- Auto parts stores generally carry the Stant line of locking caps and should have a table listing the correct cap. It's usually the 11510 or 11502

Replacing the tether

- The tether can be removed from LD body by prying out the grommet from the body. It comes out easily and pops back in with only a moderate push. Having the tether off the body makes removing the tether from the cap itself easier.The black portion of the gas cap is actually two (at least) pieces. If you turn the cap upside down you will notice a lot of little slots in the black part. This is a removable "ring." Insert a screwdriver between this ring and the tether and gently pry the ring up. Do this while working your way around the cap and the ring will come off. After that, the tether just lifts off. The replacement Stant cap should come apart in the same manner.

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