Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interior Maintenance

Just as with your stick-house, your Lazy Daze requires certain attention now and then.


- Cupboard and door hinges: once or twice a year, check and tighten as necessary all the hinge screws.

- TV: check mount and tighten bolts as necessary.

- Mold: check for and clean off any mold that may develop from condensation.

- Venetian blind over sink: Remove and clean occasionally.

- Wood surfaces: clean and oil or polish.

- When LD is not being used, be sure to leave refrigerator door open ajar to prevent mold.


- Glass knob on wardrobe door is broken.

-- The knobs can be found at most glass repair shops for about $5 each. Buy the whole knob and base; mark the spot where the current knob is; use a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive that holds the base; work it loose with a metal kitchen spatula, paint scraper or something similar (don't scratch the mirror); scrape the adhesive remains off with a razor blade; clean the area with alcohol or something similar; wash and dry the area well; pull the paper cover off the adhesive backing and affix the new knob and base to the mirror (you only have one chance to set it).

-- Here's the process recommended by a glass and mirror shop owner: Use dental floss and pull it back and forth behind the knob until it comes off. Then use Goof Off on a 4 X 4 gauze square and kept cleaning and replacing the gauze as needed til the mirror was clean. Clean the mirror several times with Windex before putting on the new knobs. You might consider using acrylic handles instead of the knobs - whatever you like. Put a towel on the floor in case the Goof Off drips.

-- To help lighten the pull on the glass knobs you can ease the grip of the pointed door latches: Use a vice-grip pliers and set it so it would squeeze (flatten) the male insert of the latch a little bit. Do it a little at a time so as not to over-flatten the insert latch. Flattening them out reduces the resistance of the female part and makes it less likely that the glass knobs will break off.

- Window blind cord is broken: refer to the Window Blinds FAQ for how to repair.

Contributors: Chris Horst, WxToad, Tammy Thies

Revised 5 Sep 11

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