Friday, January 7, 2011

Removing Air Conditioner from Roof

Since LD sets the A/C in a sealant, to get the old unit off, one must saw the rubber seal in half before trying to lift it. If you lift first you can stretch the alumimum roof sheet out of shape and it will never be the same. Knowing this I had brought a suitable saw with me which the young tech used. It was a $5 keyhole saw with a blade intended for plastic (somewhat coarser teeth than a metal cutting saw) at the local hardware store. I chose one with a very flat handle so that it would work near the surface of the A/C unit. Once the A/C unit is removed, the sealant and the bottom half of the old seal scrape right off. It is like a sheet of plastic putty, not the paralastic LD uses elsewhere on the roof. The Dometic dealer did not set the new (actually reconditioned) A/C unit in sealant. The dealers hate setting A/C units in sealant because removal is so difficult.

Contributor: Linley

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