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The burner igniters are known to be prone to failure. Here are a couple of tips for remedying the problem:

1. Each burner has a separate wire running to the piezio spark generator. All three wires were partially out of the connector at the spark generator. I pushed them back in and that cleared the trouble. Maybe you have something similar going on. Before doing anything check your LD manual for how to raise the top if you have not previously done it. No prying required.

2. Another possible problem is that the ceramic insulator has cracked or chipped, directing the spark away from the gap necessary to start the fire. You should be able to see the spark jump across the gap. If there is no spark, or the spark seems to go the wrong way, replace the igniter. Igniters are available from nearly any RV shop that works on Dometic (all of them) for about $6. It’s 5 minute fix with the top of the range pulled up. Buy more than one.

Faulty Flame:

Another problem is a faulty flame from a burner. It may be mostly yellow and leaving soot on pans. Inspection doesn't reveal any damage to the burner.

It may be dirty jet or burner outlet. Try cleaning the tiny holes through which the gas comes, using a thin wire. If it's only one burner, then it's probably not a problem with the source, but just within that burner.

Uneven Heat in Oven:

Put a 14" x 12" Airbake double-layer cookie sheet under whatever you bake:

Some people have had success laying a pizza stone or baking stone (actually a large unglazed ceramic tile) on the bottom of the oven:

Either of these will even out the heat and help prevent burnt bottom crusts. An advantage of the Airbake sheet is that unlike the "stone," it's light, unbreakable, inexpensive and of course it does double duty as a cookie sheet.

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