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Buying a New Lazy Daze

Lazy Daze is among a small group of RV manufacturers that have eschewed the more traditional route of having a distribution and dealer network and a MSRP that is meaningless. Instead buyers deal directly with the factory, known by LD'ers as "The Mothership", and are able to purchase a high-quality motorhome at a very good price - no dealer/distribution costs to be included. Prices are set - no dickering.

Lazy Daze does not claim to build "custom" coaches, but they are built to order for each buyer. No coach is built "on spec" (except the floor models). They offer several models with various floor plans and choices of interior and exterior colors and buyers can choose from a list of options to be added to the rig. They will consider a few requests for things not on the option list, such as adding a roof-top satellite radio antenna (you provide the antenna) or extra roof bracing to support a Datastorm antenna.

Which floor plan is best for you? Only you can answer that. Each of the models has its advocates who swear it is far better than the rest. You really have to think through just how you will be using the coach. It is highly recommended that you visit the factory before ordering an LD to scope out the differences. You'll find it a very low-key operation with absolutely no sales pressure whatsoever. You are encouraged to spend as much time as you'd like inside each of the floor models, imagining yourself traveling and living in it. Some folks spend an entire day or more there before making up their minds. Many buyers report that before their visit, they had decided on a certain floor plan, but that after sitting in and thoroughly inspecting each, they came to realize that a different model was a better match for them.

If you live far away from The Mothership and can't make a visit, the next best approach is to visit a regional Get-Together of Lazy Dazers. There are informal groups all across the country who get together several times a year. Interested "wanna-bees" are most welcome to visit and inspect the various rigs in attendance. There will undoubtedly be at least one of every model present.

Once you've decided on your model, fill out your order form, write a deposit check and send it off to Montclair. Be sure to carefully think about the options you want included on your rig; if you want to change or add something later, there will be a fee for the change to the order.

Now you can sit back and dream about your future life in an LD while you await the call from the factory to firm up your delivery date. That call usually comes about a month before the completion date. At the moment, the wait time from order to delivery seems to be about 4-5 months. In the meantime, you should be researching licensing requirements of your state and looking into insurance.

Believe it or not, there are a couple of ways to get your hands on a new Lazy Daze without going through all of the above. The primary method is to purchase one of the floor models. The factory usually will announce sometime in the late spring that they are taking deposits for them. You will have to wait until the next year's floor models start appearing in the fall to pick it up.

There are some serious considerations to taking this route and you must fully understand what is involved with this process so that you aren't disappointed or angry after the fact:

- The price. LD will offer the floor models at a discounted price....from the next model year's price, which is almost always up a few thousand. So they'll offer what they say is, for example, a $4000 discount. Now, the next year's price they have announced is up $2500, so you're only saving $1500 off the current year's price. You are responsible for understanding what you're paying.

- The wait. As noted above above, you'll have to wait until the next year's floor models are built to take delivery. That could well be longer than if you ordered a new one.

- Options: The floor models generally come with only the standard suite of items included in a basic LD, with no options, such as solar panels, extra outlets, satellite dish, etc.

- The condition: There's no guarantee that your floor model will be delivered to you in pristine, like-new condition. Remember that it will have had many folks walking through it and plopping down on the couches. Some folks report that they were perfectly satisfied with their coach's condition, while others say they have had to do some serious cleaning of upholstery and floors.

The third way to get your hands on a brand-new Lazy Daze is to "purchase" the order of another buyer who for some reason is unable or unwilling to complete the purchase. This is a VERY unusual situation, but it has happened. A few years ago someone posted a query on the LWALDRV Yahoo Group asking if there were anyone who wanted out of their contract....and got a favorable reply. Thirty days later he had his new LD.

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