Thursday, February 3, 2011

Removable Table for MB Lounge

We added a removable rear table to our 1998 mid-bath LD which disconnects in a few seconds. We bought the table from the LD factory when we went through Montclair last year (built for a TK) and asked them to attach the foot (collapsible support). I next visited a local RV store to find out about the types of hinges to use for support and removal at any time. We had a choice of two types, a short heavy brass hinge vs long thin aluminum support of about two feet. We chose the longer, narrow, very light aluminum hinge to spread the weight over a larger area. By attaching the male part on the desk and the female part on the wall, the hinges slip together easily. We use it for computer, meals, etc and store it in the back of the passenger seat when not in use. Note that on our 1998 LD MB we have power outlets on the back wall which made it very convenient for the desk.

It makes a handsome desk/table that sets up and takes down in seconds yet leaves the rear room free for conversation pit, sun room, reading room, bedroom, etc. The cost for the hinge was less than $10.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words so I uploaded three photos of the table to the LWALDRV Enhancements section.

David Roderick

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