Friday, March 18, 2011

Cushions - Replacing the Foam

If you need to replace the foam in your coach cushions, here is a very good article on foam: It explains the three performance tests that make up foam: High Resilient (HR), Density, and Indentation Load Deflection (ILD).
One recommendation is to consider memory foam. This is not the memory foam as used in mattress toppers (which is fairly low density), but rather is higher density memory foam. It goes by several trade names, TempurFoam, NASA foam, Confor, etc. and is available in several densities. Green is extra firm, then blue, pink, yellow (soft). Memory foam "flows" and conforms so as not to create hot spots. You can sit in comfort for hours - - in fact, it's used for wheelchair pads and for hospital patients to help prevent bed sores.
Another possibility is a product called Latex International: It can be ordered from Quality Mattress, Grants Pass, OR, 1-541-476-6292.
Most any reputable upholstery shop can provide the type of foam desired for your cushions.
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December 10, 2017

I did some searching on line and found a foam supplier that would cut foam to any specified size, and they had varying grades of foam.  I ordered a block of foam for the dinette seat from Welcome to Buyfoam, and It arrived today.
I took out the seat cushion and unzipped the back.  I trimmed away a lot of loose threads so I would not pull any seams, then pulled the rear foam part of the cushion out.  Behind it was another zipper.  I opened it and pulled out the front part of the cushion, marking each.  The two were 1" different in width.  Using a large quite sharp chef's knife, in three passes I had cut the new cushion to match, marking each piece so I could orient and install them easily.  (I note that the foam place recommends ordering foam in a size 1/2" larger in all dimensions than the original stuffed cushion measures.  I had done so, and when I split the piece I ordered, the two halves were each still wider than the measured originals.)
Getting the foam blocks into the pockets was hard, but became much easier when I remembered something I had heard years ago.  I removed the foam I had partially in place and sprayed the surface with a light shot of dry silicone lube.  It then went in fairly easily.  
Closing the zipper was a case of pulling the material together and pressing down the foam as I advanced the zipper a few inches, then re-position my hands and repeat.  With the experience of the first piece, the second, rear, piece went in easier.  Another set of hands would have helped a lot.
From the time I unzipped the cushion until the replacements were in and the cushion zipped up took perhaps 45 minutes, so I would rate this an easy project.  It sure feels a lot different, almost like new.
Some details - foam comes in different degrees of firmness.  I ordered the second firmest of five levels, type XL-38.  My order was for a block of foam, 18" x 40" x 5.5" thick.  I split it into two pieces, one 8.5" and the other 9.5".  The foam cost $48 and the shipping was $16 for a total cost of $64.
I am eager to place my order for foam for the bed.             
Ken F in NM
So tonight we removed both pieces of foam and rotated the front section upside down and put the rear section as it was.  And this has worked just fine.  Now that seat cushion is firmer according to my "bottom-side" test.  It probably took us 10 minutes with four (4) hands helping. 


December 10, 2017

So Ken Fear's work on his cushions to include the interior construction of his dinette seat cushions gave Margee and I an idea.  One of our dinette seat cushions that I often use was a bit soft.  So I would just pull it out and place the zipper side out, which was firmer.  Margee was not wild about seeing the zipper side out. 

Ed G