Saturday, March 12, 2011

Valences - How to Remove

There may come a time when you need to remove a window valence so you can repair or replace a blind, or heaven-forbid, replace your refrigerator, which won't fit through the door. The main thing is to understand that the two vertical pieces and the horizontal piece are all connected together and come out as a unit.

At the bottom of the two vertical pieces near the outside edge is a "cap" that is the same color as the valence. Carefully pry the caps off. Behind each cap is a screw that holds the bottom of each vertical piece to the wall. Newer models seems to have done away with this cap - instead, the screws are merely driven deeply into the material; you just have to dig in a bit to find them.

On the horizontal piece of the valence there are four or five screws that hold it to the ceiling. They are sheet metal screws with Phillips heads and are about 2 inches long. You need a long screwdriver to get to them. These screws are hard to see as you must look behind the valence. It may be easier to access them with the blind in the raised position. These screws were evidently installed with a power screwdriver and were difficult to remove. Be careful not to damage the slots in the heads by letting the screwdriver slip. You might find that the heads have already been damaged during initial installation, which made removal even harder. When reinstalling, consider using screws with hex heads so that a nut driver can be used to turn them.

Our 2007 has hex head screws, perhaps somewhat easier to remove, but some are buried in the cloth and finding them is a PIA.

Contributors: Doug, Barry Barnes

Revised 14 Mar 2011
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