Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stove Wall Protector

On the mid-bath plan, there is a light colored paneled wall adjacent, and to the right of, the stove. This wall is just begging to get splattered with grease, spaghetti sauce, or whatever you're cooking. Here are some suggestions for protecting the paneling and making clean-up easier:

-Mount a piece of "plexiglass"/plastic on the wall. A piece 18" x 24" is just right. That's also a stock size of the plastic at HD, Lowe's, etc. Simply mount it with a few tabs of double stick tape.

A three year field trial indicates the heat from the stove does not damage the plastic and a small piece of tape in each corner will do the job. This plastic is not structural, nor exposed to sunlight. I used the thinnest and least expensive plastic I could find. Splatters clean up very easily off the plastic.

- Another easy solution to this problem: self-stick tile. You can buy a box of inexpensive simulated-stone vinyl tile for about twelve bucks, which is enough to cover the entire sink and stove wall area in a mid-bath. The tile was easy to cut to fit with a heavy scissors.

You may need to use Goop and Liquid Nails (same thing really) to mount the tiles, because the self-stick adhesive isn't strong enough for a vertical-surface mount... but the whole job should take less than two hours and the result looks great and is easy to wipe clean.

Contributor: Ed Daniels, Andy Baird