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The Toastation is manufactured by Hamilton Beach. There is a two-slice version, discussed here, as well as a larger four-slice model. The two-slice model sells for about $40 and the four-slice version is around $68.

The slot (singular) measures 10 3/8" X 1 3/8" at the widest dimension. However that shrinks to 10" X 1 1/4" inside due to the way it's constructed. There is a wire grid which moves inward to support the bread slice in the center. The overall footprint is 15½ X 8". It's a combination popup toaster and toaster oven that's only *seven inches* from front to back--little more than half the depth of most toaster ovens. Yet it has a 6" x 9" baking tray that can hold two individual pizzas, and a 1.5" wide toaster slot on top that can accommodate anything from two slices of bread to a split bagel. (A lever selects between oven and popup toaster modes.) Andy measured a Toastation with a ruler before and it's definitely 7" deep at the bottom, tapering to 6" at the top. (Those sizes don't include the oven door's handle, which protrudes about 1.75".)

It'll take two bagels or English muffins, and it has no problem with a wide slice of home-baked or "artisan" bread.

As for its cord: it's short: only two feet. It's just the right length to reach the outlets above the counter without a lot of slack to deal with. But if you had it in a different location, you might need to use an extension cord. It draws 1,300 watts--less than the microwave oven, but not by much--so you'd need a heavy-duty extension cord. Any hardware store will sell you a 6' heavy-duty extension cord that's sized for safe use with air conditioners and other power-hungry items like the Toastation.

Tips from the Pros on using a Toastation

The main trick I know is to cover the top with a 4" x 12" piece of silicon baking sheet when baking, to prevent hot air leaking out... and to line the baking tray with a slightly undersized piece of silicone baking sheet to make cleanup easy. (The latter tip works for any toaster oven.)

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