Saturday, June 4, 2011

Items Some Find To Be Essential

For Concrete Campers, those who spend most of their time in parks with hookups, very little is needed beyond cooking and personal items. A set of leveling blocks, a door mat and a dial type air gauge with a flexible hose would do it. Adding a wired-in surge protector, a blanket for the cab opening and a small electric heater are suggested items.

For the dedicated Boondocker:

12volt fans - $60 each

Solar panels, 2 or more - $2,000 including installation

Whole house inverter/charger - $1,600 plus installation

Battery monitor - $200 plus installation

LED interior lights - $50 to $100

Catalytic heater - $100 plus installation

Water filter – $20+

Extra coach batteries - $600 plus installation

Extend-a-stay propane adapter - $100 plus installation


A few common favorites include:

Backup camera – $100 plus

Cellular antenna and amplifier – $300

Dial type air gauge with a flexible hose – $15

And optionally an IR temp sensing device - $40

DVD $50, Blue Ray $100

Electric heater – $12 to $80

Good books - $1 at many libraries

GPS - $100

Hydraulic Levelers – up to $3,500

Internet access – from $40 a month

LED tail lights (for older models)

Mattress heater - $100

Memory foam mattress topper, if you must have plush

Satellite dish and DVR (for TV slaves)

ScanGauge - $100

SeeLevel tank monitor -

Surge Protector (wired in) – $400 installed

Transfer pump from the gray to black tank -

Upgraded sound system - $150+

XM/Sirius - $13 a month

A way to make coffee – Free

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