Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Suggested Tools

You never know what calamity might befall you while on the road, so it behooves you to have some tools and spare "parts" along with you so can make necessary repairs. In deciding what tools you should have, you should first assess your comfort level at performing various types of repairs. The more mechanically inclined you are, the more tools you're likely to want/need.

Here's a starting point for your consideration:

Electric Drill, 3/8 variable speed with a full set of bits

Allen wrench set

Assorted nuts, bolts, screws & washers

Clean rags, including micro weave cloths

Combination wrenches

Dental Picks

Emergency reflective triangle

Files, flat and round



Fuses and spare light bulbs

Hacksaw, a mini hacksaw


Hose clamps (assorted automotive screw type)

Jumper Cables

Lithium Grease, spray can

Lug wrench

Measuring tape

Pliers, standard, needle nose, channel lock, vice grip, side snips

Pocket knife

Radiator/heater hose

Rubber gloves

Screwdrivers, set of Flat Blade and Phillips

Socket set, ¼ and ½ inch drive

Tape, Duct, Electrical, Repair, Teflon, Eternabond

Tie-Wraps, assorted sizes

Tire inflator

Tire patch/plug kit

Tire pressure gauge

Vehicle/trailer jack, 6-8 ton with jack pads

Volt Ohm meter


Wire connectors

Wire crimper

Wrenches - Combination, 4" and 10" crescent

A small fishing tackle box for small parts - screws, nuts, washers, wire-ties, etc.

You could save yourself the hassle of gathering these tools together by buying a tool kit, such as one that comes in a bag from Sears. You can even have it drop-shipped it to the LD factory if you'll be picking up a new rig. It contains a cross section of automotive and household tools in a heavy canvas bag. You can add other things as you found the need. The Sears kit contains a lot of basic auto/house needs and it comes in a nice bag that stows easily.

Here are some web reference sources:

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Contributors: Don Malpas, Chris Horst, Larry Wade, Larry Jones

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